XSP Ships for X3 Reunion


All ships have be rebalanced using the Ship Creator Balance Ship Function.

They have all been balanced against the standard ship profiles for each class.

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* All Balogt ships have been reblanced.

* Most of DeadlyDa Ships remain the same, some have seperate rebalanced versions (stats are for rebalanced versions if they exist)





Stargate SG-1


Asguard O'Neill Class Battle Cruiser - M2 - By Balogt

An advanced Asgard space vessel, serving as the template for a new class of Asgard battleship. The Asgard named the craft after Colonel Jack O'Neill after a very effective impression, as the Asgard saw humanity's potential in him.

The vessel was equipped with advanced weapons and defenses that surpassed any of the previous Asgard starships -- the most advanced ship ever constructed by the Asgard. This was enough to make Replicators pursue it. A trio of Replicator-infested Asgard ships gave chase to the remotely controlled vessel, leading them away from an Asgard world under threat. Once in hyperspace, the O'Neill was blown up, oblitarating the Replicator-controlled ships that had been in pursuit.


O'Neill Stats



X303 Prometheous - M1 - By Balogt

Code name for the X-303 project, Earth's first large-scale vessel capable of interstellar travel. The vessel is equipped with hyperspace engines, and can also operate in a planet's atmosphere and land on the surface. Research and development for the hyperdrive -- powered by naquadria -- cost the U.S. over $2 billion.

Prometheus's main purpose is to serve as a platform for the defense of Earth. The ship can achieve orbit in less than 30 seconds, and utilizing the sub-light engines, can travel at 110,000 miles per second. The corridors of the vessel are constructed of trinium alloys.

Prometheus dwarfs its two predecessors, the X-301 Interceptor and the X-302, which accommodate only two people each. The ship accommodates eight F-302 fighter craft, which can be deployed and received through a launch bay even when the ship is in flight. It was intended to serve as the prototype for a new fleet of space-faring vessels, and is succeeded by the next-generation battlecruiser Daedalus.


Prometheous Stats



Goa'uld Deathglider - M3 - By Balogt

Two-man attack vessel designed for combat in both space and an atmosphere. Death gliders are outfitted with broadcast speakers to allow the pilots to terrorize the populations beneath verbally, as well as with their weapons. They are outfitted with removable staff cannons, two to three times larger than standard staff weapons, but utilizing the same form of energy.

Gliders are capable of landing on smooth terrains, but are primarily designed to facilitate terror and obedience from those beneath.


Deathglider Stats



F302 - M3 - By Balogt

The second glider completely constructed by the U.S. government, and the first to be the successful template for an series of spacecraft, the F-302 is renamed from the X-302 experimental class vessel. It is armed with advanced weaponry and is extremely durable.

The F-302 can be deconstructed to be moved through the Stargate, and be reconstructed on the other side. It is propelled by two standard thrusters and one large booster rocket, as its predecessor. Colonel Jack O'Neill wanted to see what the craft was capable of, and successfully destroyed and evaded a three-pronged squadron of Goa'uld death gliders.

Like its predecessor, the F-302 cannot sustain a hyperspace conduit for any extended period of time, due to the instability of naquadria, used to power the hyperspace engine. But, also like its predecessor, it is capable of short bursts at hyperspace, covering several kilometers in an instant.


F302 Stats



Stargate Atlantis


BC303 Daedalus - M1 - By Balogt

The second generation of interstellar space craft developed by the United States military and its allies. Commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell, her original mission was to render aid to the Atlantis expedition trapped in the Pegasus Galaxy and defeat a convoy of Wraith hive ships bent on destroying the Ancient city.

The Daedalus is armed with rail guns, Mark-8 tactical warheads and a bay of F-302 fighters. It also possesses Asgard shielding and transporter technology, but none of their weapons. To assure that these technologies are not abused an Asgard presence is aboard the ship at all times in the form of an engineering expert from their species. Presently that role is given to the Asgard Hermiod.

Propulsion consists of standard thrusters as well as an Asgard hyperdrive engine, capable of traveling one way between Earth and Atlantis in 18 days. The ship's primary mission is now to ferry personnel and supplies from Earth to Atlantis, and then to travel back again, but the Daedalus often stays in the vicinity of Atlantis for some time before making another loop.


Daedalus Stats



Puddle Jumper - TP - By Balogt

Cylindrical, multi-purpose craft created by the Ancients, and aerodynamically designed for transportation through Stargates. Each mid-sized ship is armed with at least six drone weapons, hidden in drive pods that emerge from the ship's rear port and starboard sides. The drive pods themselves offer additional maneuverability and speed, and must be retracted into the sides of the ship in order for the vessel to fit through a Stargate.

The Puddle Jumper (nicknamed by Major John Sheppard -- its true Ancient name is unknown) possesses an invisibility shield that, when engaged, makes the craft invisible to the naked eye and to advanced sensors. The cloak may be engaged when the ship is in flight, or when it had landed and powered down.

A large view port occupies the ship's forward section, with a smaller port at the stern for individuals in the back. The ship can support roughly a dozen individuals in the event of a rescue (including seats for the pilot and co-pilot in the forward compartment), though this is not recommended for extended travel time. There are no rest facilities aboard the craft, nor are there any emergency escape pods. A partition may be lowered to separate the forward and rear compartments, and the rear contains junctions by which basic ship functions, such as drive pod control, may be accessed.

Though the Puddle Jumper can be piloted by hand controls, these may be secondary, as the craft interfaces with the mind of the pilot. On-screen geographical readouts as well as relevant technology may be immediately put at a pilot's disposal with a simple thought. A center console sits between the pilot and co-pilot seats and includes a modified dial-home device, allowing the ship to directly access a nearby Stargate and dial an address. Automated systems guide the ship through the event horizon when the ship draws within a few meters of the gate.

The craft is capable of impressive speeds -- but perhaps even more impressive are the breaking thrusters, which can bring the craft to a dead halt upon arriving through the Stargate into an extremely tight space, such as the Atlantis gate room. The ship must also therefore possess advanced intertial dampeners for the safety and comfort of its occupants.

Puddle Jumper

Puddle Jumper Stats



Wraith Dart - M4 - By Balogt

Small, ear-splitting interceptor craft piloted by at least one Wraith, though the exact numbers accommodated by each ship are not known. Each craft is capable of incredible speeds, and can travel from world to world through Stargates. Darts discharge the same blue paralyzing beams as that of standard Wraith stunner rifles.

The Wraith Dart can make its presence known by the way it sounds -- a deafening, high-pitched noise as it races by. It is equipped with a culling beam that transports targets to the ship and saves them in some form, be it energy or stasis in a cargo hold, to be returned to the hive ship for consumption by the hungry species.

Wraith Dart

Wraith Dart Stats



Space Above and Beyond


Hammerhead - M4 - By Balogt

The primary fighter craft of Earth forces is the SA-43 Endo/Exo-Atmospheric Attack Jet, commonly called the "Hammerhead" because of its nose, which resembles that of a hammerhead shark. Its weaponry includes rail guns plus mounted missiles or bombs. It features a LIDAR (Laser Infrared Detection And Ranging) scanner that can track and engage 100 separate targets, plus an autopilot unit known as an "egghead" that pilots can turn to for long range routine flight or for moments when they cannot handle the flight controls themselves. Pilots can also use a holographic heads-up display (HUD) for combat intelligence and an optical disc playback unit (ODP) for mission data records. Capable of both space and atmospheric flight, these craft are highly maneuverable with detachable cockpit units that facilitate docking with space platforms and serve as ejection capsules. A single-person craft, Hammerheads dock in specially designed bays on the SCVN. The Hammerhead is often used by the 58th during sorties and other skirmishes.


Hammerhead Stats



USS Saratoga - M1 - By Balogt

The U.S.S. Saratoga is an SCVN (Space Carrier Vehicle Nuclear) of the John F. Kennedy Class, registry number SCVN-2812. It is the space-equivalent of a U.S. Naval aircraft carrier and serves as the base of operations for the 58th and a number of other squadrons. Its armament includes laser pulse cannons, phalanx missile launchers, and torpedo launchers. Not capable of atmospheric flight, the vessel is powered by a helium 3 fusion engine and measures 525.6 m (1.724 ft) in length, 245.1 m (804 ft) in the beam, and 185.4 m (608 ft) high. The U.S.S. Saratoga is commanded by Commodore Glen Ross.

USS Saratoga

Saratoga Stats



Babylon 5


Drakh Figher - M3 - By Balogt

Here is an example of a Drakh Raider, currently being used in a campaign of terror against the races who helped to defeat the Shadows. Their weapons are extremely powerful, a byproduct of technology taken from Za'Ha'Dum before its destruction. Two Drakh Raiders appear to be an even match for one Minbari Whitestar, as the smaller Drakh Raiders have no Jump Engines and devote all available power to their main weapons.

Little is known about the Drakh, or any of the other now homeless minions of the Shadows. At this time, the Drakh are apparently seeking revenge against the Army of Light for the destruction of Za'Ha'Dum and the Shadows departure from our Galaxy. Two key targets exist for them right now, the Centauri and the Interstellar Alliance.


Drakh Stats



Raiders Zephyr 109 Light Fighter - M4 - By Balogt

This delta-winged atmospheric capable space fighter was once in the service of the Belt Alliance, an obsolete colonial defense force supported by the Earth colonies in the Orion system. Created simply for defensive purposes, the Belt Alliances Zephyr class fighter was originally only to be used to capture suspected smugglers, raiders, and starships that tried to avoid paying jumpgate fees. Unfortunately this versatile little fighter became the weapon of choice for those pirates it was designed to combat.

Cheap to build and easy to maintain, the Zephyr is an effective light fighter that is used constantly by all forms of galactic criminals, to prey upon the weak and defenseless. Fortunately, compared to real fighters used by the Narn, Centauri, Earth Alliance and Minbari, the Zephyr is little more than an annoyance, her light armor and simple weapons no match for any of the fighters used by aforementioned races.

For maneuverability in space Zephyrs have plasma based maneuvering thrusters positioned along the ship delta wing edges. Weapons for the Zephyr consist of two Bolters, the weaker forerunner of modern Pulse Discharge Cannon, with a power output of thirty megajoules. As the Zephyr was designed to fly in atmosphere, her wings are its most vulnerable target. One solid hit to either of the fuel filled wings, gives the pilot a very low chance of survival.


Zephyr Stats



Centauri Republic Rutarian Heavy Fighter - M3 - By Balogt

A new design from the Republic, a surprise when the Centauri seem to be waning in power. The Rutarian is an incredibly sophisticated fighter - highly agile with superior firepower and stealth capabilities, it sets a new standard for fighter design among the younger races.

Rutarian Fighter

Rutarian Stats



Centauri Republic Primus Battle Cruiser - M2 - By Balogt

The Centauri Primus class Battle Cruisers is a mammoth war vessel, measuring 1,586 meters in length. While not as new as the Vorchan class warships, as of 2263 the Primus was still the most powerful vessel in the Centauris Royal Navy, capable of delivering a massive weapons payload onto the battle field.

A Primus class ship is armed with eight, double barrel Ion cannon turrets monted along her upper and lower hull, four Battle Lasers mounted to the wings, missile launchers, and four light Pulse Cannons around the launch bay. Primus class Battle Cruisers can even be outfitted with mass drivers for planetary bombardment. This massive tactical weapons system makes the Primus the most feared warship in the Centauri Navy.

Centauri Battle Cruisers, in addition to having a massive weapons payload, also double as aircraft carriers for the Royal fleet. Carrying 12 Sentri class starfighters, combined with its outstanding weapon system and gravimetric drive system*, a lone Battle Cruiser is more than a match for its Earthforce or Narn counterpart. Unfortunately the Primus class ships suffer from age and outdated systems; most Primus class ships are over two hundred years in age.

Though many of Primus class ships have been constantly upgraded and retrofitted over the decades, the Battle Cruisers are often under-powered for the large number of systems it must run. In addition to this, their armor by modern standards is far too thin for a capital ship of this classification.


Primus Stats



Centauri Republic Balvarian Carrier - M1 - By Balogt


Balvarian Stats



Centauri Republic Vorchan Cruiser - M6 - By Balogt

Like the Primus, the Vorchan was constructed by House Tavari Armaments at Hevaria orbital shipyards at Tolonius VII and this class Attack Cruisers is one of the newer type warships in the Centauri Royal Navy. Designed as a high-speed military attack vessel, the Vorchan class Attack Cruiser is used primarily as an offensive attack ship and escort vessel for carrier fleets.

A Centauri Star Cruiser is 608 meters in length and is powered by a crystalline based matter/antimatter reactor system. Propulsion systems include two powerful ion particle engines, which are used in conjunction with the ships gravimetric drive system* to maximize performance. It is through this combination of drive systems that Star Cruisers can out run and out maneuver almost any capital ship in the stars today.

The Vorchan does not posses as many weapons as her equivalent in the fleets of other space faring powers, armed only with twelve defensive particle beam cannons and two heavy Ionized-Plasma Accelerators, also known as Ion cannons and missiles for orbital bombardment** along with guided energy mines. Still, while not weighted down with a large number of weapons, the weapons the Vorchan is armed with are extremely impressive. For example, a Vorchans twin Ion Cannons can reduce a Narn Heavy Cruiser to molten slag with as little as six shots.

The Vorchans powerful weapons array, combined with an extremely high speed and maneuverability provided by their gravimetric drive system, makes the Vorchan Star Cruiser one of the most effective attack ships in the known galaxy.


Vorchan Stats



Centauri Republic Kutai Gunship - M6 - By Balogt

Despite being called a Gunship, the Kutai tends to support assaults rather than lead them. Based on alien technology (probably from within the League), the Kutai has been completely rebuilt by the Centauri but it retains a very bizarre shape within the fleet.


Kutai Stats



Centauri Republic Brezebel Transport - TL - By Balogt

The Brezebel class transport is the main line commercial sub-light interstellar transport currently in service of the Centauri Republic. This well-known little vessel is widely used among both the military and civilian companies alike. Twice as fast as Earth's trademark Skylark commercial transport, the Brezebel is very popular among many races due to her reliability and ability to get her cargo/passengers to their destination swiftly and on time. Some of the more expensive and military variants of this vessel even have artificial gravity.

This vessel is approximately 60 meters in length and has a cargo capacity of 150 cubic meters. Standard crew compliment for a Transport, sans cargo, is 25 persons. While the standard issue Brezebel does not come with weapons, the ship is designed to house two forward firing pulse discharge cannons and/or twin particle beam arrays. This class vessel is also fitted with a scramjet feature, which allows her to travel in atmosphere.


Brezebel Stats



Shadow Battlecrab - M6 - By Balogt

Shadow Battle Crab, also known as the Spider, was the standard issued warship of the Shadows. These powerful vessels while all similar in design, varied in size and power. Shadow Warships fell under three sub classes. Class A warships measured about 990 meters, like the one destroyed by John Sheridan at Jupiter. Class B warships, the most common seen in the Shadow fleet, were on average 1.5 kilometers in length while class C Shadow Warships were nearly 3 kilometer in length.

It has been documented that the Shadow beam weapon can literally slice planetoid into shards. So powerful was this weapon, it is theorized that when used under continuous fire a Shadow Battle Crab could turn the entire surface of a planet into wasteland. Shadow ships can also fire some type of tractor beam a burst weapon capable of destroying enemy targets and a Jump Point collapser capable of destabalizing a vortex into and out of Hyperspace. Once locked onto a target, a Shadow vessel will follow that target until it has destroyed it.

Unlike conventional races, Shadow vessels do not form "Jump Points" to enter Hyperspace. Instead they slide or phase into Hyperspace. This unparalleled understanding of Hyperspace also provided the Shadows with a devastating weapon that would actually collapse the jump point of any vessel*, resulting in said ships destruction.


Crab Stats



Shadow Spitfire - M3 - By Balogt

Current records on the Shadow fighter indicate that the ships use a gravimetric/Hyper-real space drive system similar to those used in Shadow warships. Like Shadow capital ships these fighters can both cloak and phase into Hyperspace, making it the smallest vessels ever seen to have Jump capability.

Shadow fighters were some 15.3 meters long and had more than enough firepower to dispatch an entire conventional fighter squadron, single handed. Like the Shadow warships, all technology in these fighters is organic based and most were controlled via remote from Shadow Capital ships, or piloted by minions of the Shadows.


Spitfire Stats




Shadow Interceptor - M4 - By Balogt

Shadow Interceptor

Shadow Interceptor



Shadow Vampire - M5 - By Balogt

Fast, maneuverable and very well armed, this class vessel was one of the last warships in Shadow's arsenal to be seen. This heavy assault fighter/scout ship is about 2/3 the size of a White Star class vessel and was armed with a powerful energy burst weapon that is much more powerful than the energy cannons used by Shadow fighters, as well as a smaller version of the Shadow Death Ray.

Allies of the Shadows may have taken some of these ships with them, before the destruction of Z'Ha'Dum. No other data is available on this class of Shadow vessel, at this time.

Shadow Scount

Shadow Scout Stats


Minbari Tinashi War Frigate - M6 - By Balogt

Minbari's Tinashi class War Frigate is a modified version of the Tinash-Haza class War Cruisers that served the Minbari during the last Great War with the Shadows. Most of the Tinash-Haza class vessels used in the last Shadow war were destroyed or decommissioned over the course of their nearly five hundred year long service to the Minbari people. No Tinash-Haza class vessels have served since about 600 to 700 years ago.

The design still being sound however, the Minbari redeployed this classification of vessel as the new Tinashi class War Frigate, which have been in service of the Minbari for the past 600 years. Primarily used as a support vessel, there are not many Tinashi class vessels in service of the Minbari's navy and those that exist have been relegating to long range patrol and colony defense.

The Tinashi is approximately the same size as the old Tinash-Haza's, at some 869 meters in length, but has nearly 20% more mass and is powered by a Quantum Singularity, rather than the old matter/antimatter reactors employed by the Minbari some 1,000 years ago. In addition, the Thinashi uses a gravitic drive system exclusively, while the Tinash-Haza had four Ion/Particle engines.

The Tinashi class War Frigate is armed with four Neutron cannons eight Fusion beam cannons, as well as four Electro pulse cannons. For orbital bombardment, the Tinashi also is also armed with an antimatter cannon, but no mass driver. In addition to the stated offensive weapons the War Frigate also uses the standard Minbari cloak and defense shields.

Unlike the old Tinash-Haza class vessels the Tinashi was based upon, the War Frigate does NOT carry a compliment of fighters in her launch bay, only having enough room for two flyers.


Tinashi Stats



Minbari Sharlin Warcruiser - M1 - By Balogt

The Sharlin class War Cruiser is the largest and most powerful ship in the Minbari Navy, capable of laying waste to cities, infrastructure and the habitable surface of a planet in less than an hours time. Controlled by all of the three ruling casts in Minbari culture (Warrior, Religious, Worker), the Sharlin class War Cruiser can be sent into almost any tactical situation on a moments notice.

Minbari War Cruisers measure between 1,500 and 1,700 meters in length front to back and has a crew of some 190* duty personnel, ten of whom are command level officers. In addition to her standard crew, Sharlin's can carry an additional 60 combat personnel, which includes security, gunnery officers, and pilots. Maximum troop capacity for a Minbari War Cruiser is estimated to be approximately 8,000 gropos.

War Cruisers on deep patrol usually only cary a standard crew of some 190 personnel, and can maintain high combat readiness without suffering any detrimental effects due to a lack of personnel. This is due primarily to the Minbari's extremely advanced computer / AI systems aboard the War Cruisers type starship.


Sharlin Stats



Earth Alliance STG 19 Crew Shuttle - TP - By Balogt

Crew shuttles are used as short-range transports, some 38 meters in length. They can fit to carry people or goods, but their primary function is to transport personnel from different space vessels/stations. These shuttles are, obviously, too small to be jump capable and thus rely primarily on Jump Gates and larger vessels. Crew shuttles carry a crew of 2 people and can transport 25 persons at a time.

Do to the low cost of owning and maintaining these type of shuttles, they are often purchased and modified for long term commercial use. Crew shuttles are powered by fusion batteries, have two ion engines with a maximum linear thrust of 0.25 km/s/s and has a maximum flight duration of four days when carrying a full pay load.

Ea Crew Shuttle

Shuttle Stats



Earth Alliance Hestrel Shuttle - TP - By Balogt

Michell-Hyndine Atmospheric shuttles are roughly 29 meters long and about 42 meters wide, and is used to transport people/goods down to planets. They are not Jump capable, but they are designed for extended space flight and can travel for as long as 14 days before refueling. Atmospheric shuttles carry a crew of eight but can be easily operated by only one person; they can carry up to 6 passengers and up to 140 cubic meters or 10 metric tons of cargo.

Do to the high cost of owning and maintaining these types of shuttles, commercial dealers often rent them out. To prevent theft, the ships have a "kill switch" designed into them which deactivates the craft and activates a homing beacon should the ship be gone longer than contracted for.

EA Shuttle

EA Shuttle Stats



Earth Alliance Skylark Commerical Transport - TS - By Balogt

E.E.D.S. starship corp's rugged "Skylark" class commercial transport is one of the most popular civilian starship seen in Earth Alliance territories. Also known as the "Green Ship" due to her trademark olive drab plasteel hull, the Skylark is employed by traders, privateers and mercenaries alike. This resilient little ship's popularity in the commercial sector is due in large part to her low maintenance schedule and her ability to tough out attacks by Raiders.

The classic Skylark is a three-crew vessel, with 60 cubic meters of cargo space and additional five bunks for passengers and expanded crew missions. With a full crew and passenger list, the Skylark can maintain life support and carry supplies for up to 74 standard earth days. While the showroom Skylark has no weapons, the ship does have hard points that can accommodate six pulse cannon or laser weapons.

There have been several variants off the E.E.D.S.'s popular Skylark line. The classic Skylark was capable of both atmospheric and space flight, via the use of two scramjet engines as well as one powerful BB9K type Ion-Particle engine. The newer, scaled down variants of the Skylark includes the "Valeron" subclass, which lacks atmospheric capabilities, but is marginally faster and features an expanded cargo bay and greater range - perfect for deep range scout missions and rush delivery cargo runs. The classic Skylark is still the most popular of the Skylark line however due to her reputation and atmospheric capabilities.


Skylark Stats



Earth Alliance Omega Class Destroyer - M2 - By DeadlyDa

The Omega class Destroyer is a combination "Dreadnought/Aircraft carrier", capable of delivering maximum firepower combined with overwhelming fighter support and troop deployment. Measuring 1,714.3 meters in length, the Omega class Destroyer is one of the most powerful ship in the Earth Alliance Star-Navy today. Not only is it one of the most powerful ships, but this massive war vessel comprises the very heart and backbone of the modern Earthforce, space born military.

Rocketdyne began development on the Omega class Destroyer after losing a lucrative construction contract to Karmatech, the design firm behind the Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser. Envisioned as a replacement for the Nova class Dreadnought, Rocketdyne began testing new systems and technology built onto existing Nova class frames as early as 2245. The five expermental testbeds, designated as the NOVA-X class, were used to test new pulse cannon technology, advances in particle beam weapons and, most importantly, tested and proved the viability of using rotating sections on large scale warships. Unfortunately, development proceeded slowly following the outbreak of the Earth/Minbari war when the five Nova-X prototypes were destroyed . As the war continued Earthforce demanded Rocketdyne instead concentrate on producing fighters and improving upon the existing fleet of Nova class Dreadnoughts while Karmatech produced more Hyperions. Upon the conclusion of the Earth/Minbari war Earthforce abandoned further development of the Hyperion and Rocketdyne was contracted to build Omega class Destroyers in mass as a replacement for the Hyperions, which failed to present a viable deturent against the Minbari. Beginning with the EAS Achilles registration number OCG-1 Rocketdyne began mass producing the Omega class Destroyer in mid 2248.

Omega class Destroyers are driven by four BB9K Ion/Particle thrust engines and powered by four Military-Type General Fusion 650 high-energy fusion reactors. Using gelled deuterium as fuel for the reactors, the Omega has a total fuel reserve of over 296 million kilograms, with a total potential energy of 1.83*1023 joule. Given the Omega's estimated mission duration of eighteen months, the total power output of the Omega's four fusion reactors is approximately 3,943 Terawatts. Under combat conditions, estimated power output is 101,408 Terawatts, over a duration of three weeks. With this high a power output, the Omega class Destroyer the ability to form it's own jump point into hyperspace using four Lockheed-Mitchell Corp. vortex generators.


Omega Stats



Earth Alliance Cotten Tender - M2 - By DeadlyDa

Cotton Class Long-range Tenders are essential in the maintenance and upkeep of the Earth Alliance's massive fleet of some 20,000 capital class ships. Ships like the Hyperion, Nova, Omega, Warlock and Explorer class vessels must constantly be on patrol, protecting earth held territories from the threat of invasion from hostile alien powers, piracy and a wide range of threats.

Due to their massive work load and infrequent stops to home port, the Earth Alliance must use the large Cotton class starships to support the fleet. Cotton class starships are as large as a Hyperion class starship with almost twice the internal volume and mass of the old Nova class Dreadnought but only has a bare-bone crew of 35 persons.

Cotton class vessels spend the bulk of their time traveling from one carrier group or fleet task force to another, stopping off for supplies at base and then returning to her mission to maintain the tactical readiness of the fleet.

Almost all the Cotton's internal volume is dedicated to the transport of goods and supplies needed to extend the reach and service time of Earth Alliance warships and exploration vessels. Cotton class vessels typically haul reactor fuel, raw materials, Quantium 40, repair tools, replacements parts, weapons upgrades and munitions.

Due to their size and the wide range of materials the Cottons are capable of hauling, the ship's design is that of a mobile space dock, capable of extending construction frames that bring the ship's total length to near 1,600 meters, transforming the Tender into a pseudo dry dock facility for the repair and maintenance of starships as large as the Warlock class Destroyer.

The Cotton class vessels are poorly armed, possessing only a dozen or so anti-starfighter pulse cannons, a moderate defense grid and a few larger pulse cannons for combating capital scale vessels. The Cotton's hull is relatively thin and her armor almost nonexistent due to the ship's need for speed and limited fuel stores for actually reaching her destination. This makes the risks to the crew particularly high, as the Cotton often must tote around volatile materials and weapons, which if struck by enemy fire could cause the Cotton to explode like a small supernova.

Due to these vulnerabilities, they must often travel with a fighter escort, or with one or more Olympus class Corvettes standing vigil. These problems however are not of high concern, as the Cottons are rarely caught in battle and her military escorts making her far too big a target for Raiders.

By its self, one Cotton class Long-range Tender can resupply, fuel and refurbish the depleted stores of a Nova class Dreadnought and bring her up to maximum readiness in under 24 hours. This helps cut down on the number of long-range patrol missions that need to return to base and the Cotton can even hand moderate repairs during combat situations.

Due to her massive internal stores the crew of Cotton class vessel can go for several years without having to put in for resupply themselves. Despite this however, crews are rotated frequently due to the lack of gravity, simulated or otherwise, aboard Cotton class vessels.

Cotten Tender

Cotten Tender Stats


Earth Alliance Monsoon Gunboat - M6 - By DeadlyDa

In the year of 2266 Earthforce general Meade opened a competition for the design of a Gunboat class ship, officially to replace the aging Olympus class corvettes. Unofficially the competition was held because Earthforce had been very impressed by the performance of the Whitestar class ships of the Interstellar Alliance. While all senior officials realized that even with gravitic technology now at their disposal the new ship would never equal the Whitestar design, they were also aware that a dedicated gunboat would be a very potent weapon when used in large numbers.

The competition itself was successful, attracting designs from half a dozen firms. The ultimate winner was the Monsoon Class design from Hyperspace Industries, and was the brainchild of their highly successful chief designer Lars Joreteg.

The Monsoon is a rather squat and blunt design, with as much machinery and weapons packed into a small hull. At the corners of the hull are four Ion engine clusters, made up of maneuvering thrusters, braking thrusters, and four main thrusters. The spacing of these engines gives the Monsoon a good maneuverability. Located on the bottom of the ship is a single hangar bay, used mainly to hold a single shuttle, although in a emergency it can also accommodate two Starfuries. The ship is however not designed to carry more fighters than that, not even with the shuttle removed. Internally there are two decks for the crew, and both are equipped with artificial gravity, just like the hangar bay. This protects the crew and the shuttle against the rigors of sudden combat accelerations.


Monsoon Stats


Earth Alliance Aurora Starfury - M5 - By DeadlyDa

Rebalanced version (By Ship Creator Standard Profile)

The SA-23E Mitchell-Hyundyne Aurora class Starfury is a single-seat, non-atmospheric attack fighter, utilized by Earthforce ships and installations for short range defense operations, a position it has served faithfully since it first went into service in early 2244.

Of all the fighters in the known universe, the Starfury is the predominant fighter of all the younger races, excluding the Minbari. Combining superior agility with a massive weapons payload, the Starfury can outgun and out-fly almost any fighter craft imaginable.

A standard Starfury is some 9.56 meters (31.38 feet) long from nose to tail, 17.87 meters (58.63 feet) from side to side, and 8.08 meters (26.52 feet) from top to bottom. This figure takes into account the size of the ship, including the fighters rear jet foils.

Powered by three fusion batteries, a Starfury can sustain maximum power output for no longer than twenty minutes. Maximum power output includes full life-support, auto-repair, all weapons active and full throttle. Under normal power output condition, Starfuries can sustain flight for several hours.

Unlike the classic fighter plains of old, the pilots of the last ten generations of Starfury sit in an almost perfect vertical position, operating his/her vessel through a combination of hand, foot, eye and voice-activated controls. This provides them with a maximum visual scope during combat and allows the maximum flow of blood, reducing the number of blackouts from sharp maneuvers.


Starfury Stats



Earth Alliance Thunderbolt Starfury - M3 - By Balogt

SA-32A Mitchell-Hyundyne Thunderbolt Class Starfury, is a two-seat fighter craft utilized by the Earth Alliance military for short/medium range defense operations. The SA-32A Starfury is the only Starfury that can fly in atmosphere as well as space. Thunderbolts are larger than the old Aurora Starfury at 15.54 meters (51 feet) long from nose to tail, 18.7 meters (61.35 feet) from side to side air foils extended and 6.96 meters (22.83 feet) from top to bottom.

Thunderbolts are armed with four Walter 40mm unidirectional plasma Pulse Cannons, with a power output of "35" megawatts (35 million watts) per. bolt, and an estimated maximum range of some 15,000 meters. The SA-32 Starfury can also be armed with ten external hard points for addition weapons and missiles and also has a particle/laser weapon built into its system. Unfortunately, due to the massive power drain accompanied by firing the particle/laser, combined with the long recharge time (15 seconds), it is not used unless absolutely necessary.

Unlike older Starfury models, Thunderbolt pilots sit in the same position as in classic fighter planes. The fighter is operated by a combination of hand, foot, eye and voice-activated controls just like the SA-23s, but the controls on the Thunderbolts are far more sensitive than those on the old Aurora Starfuries.


Thunderbolt stats



Vorlon Star Dreadnaught - M2 - By Balogt

One of the largest and most powerful vessels seen in the Vorlon navy, the "Star Dreadnought" was the predominant warship of the Vorlon Empire. This class of warship appeared to possess firepower equal to or greater than a standard Shadow Battle Crab. Evidence suggests that the Star Dreadnought could destroy its Shadow counterpart with a single blast.

Very much like their Shadow counterparts, Vorlon vessels are organic in nature and virtually unstoppable. Unlike Shadow vessels however, Vorlon ships do not use living entities, as the central processing unit of their ships, suggesting that Vorlon and Shadow biotechnology, while similar, is significantly different.

Although the Vorlon's technology appears to be as advanced as the Shadows, it should be noted that in many instances Vorlon technology has the appearance of being less advanced. For instance, the Vorlons use a type of gravimetric/Hyperspace drive engine to propel their ships in real space, just like the Shadows. Vorlons also use some type of antimatter engines, a system of propulsion that the Shadows have completely abandoned. Vorlon organic technology seems also appears to be less advanced when compared to that of the Shadows, retaining the appearance of actually being constructed and not grown.

It is hard to tell whether any and/or all of these technological paradoxes have any validity however. It is common knowledge that the Vorlons used a great deal of unneeded and, more often than not, obsolete technology simply to hide from younger races how advanced they really were. This also seems to lend strong credence to the analogy "Dont' forget what you already know."

Vorlon Dreadnaught

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Narn Regime T'Loth - M2 - By DeadlyDa

Rebalanced version (By Ship Creator Standard Profile)

T'Loth class Assault Cruiser was one of the first jump-capable warship created by the Narn Regime. Roughly 1,050 meters in length, the T'Loth class Assault Cruiser is capable of delivering a large contingent of soldiers into any war zone. This troop deployment capability comes with a price however, as the T'Loth class ships have only half the firepower of, for example, a Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser.

Like all Narn ships the T'Loth class has no artificial gravity, not even a fairs wheel for the crew. This however is do primarily to the fact that Narns lose bone mass at a far slower rate than humans.

Ships main power plant consist of one fusion reactor, with a power output of 80,000 Terawatts, based on Centauri design. Forward propulsion is provided by four Centauri based ion engines, making it faster and significantly more maneuverable than a GQuan class Heavy Cruiser. The ion engines are built into the ships two vertical wings, with two pylons that connect the wings to the ships central command pod. Armament includes one Plasma cannon, eight particle cannons and four light pulse cannons.

As one of the first generation of Narn warships, the T'Loth class Assault Cruiser is a cobble work of technologies purchased or stolen from a dozen other races. Most of the technology for the ship's weapons came from technology stolen from the Centauri. The "Jump Engines" and fusion reactors were acquired primarily through trade with members of the League Worlds, modified with technology and data acquired from the Centauris occupational forces. This is the key reason for this vessels unorthodox appearance (by Narn standards), as almost none of it is original.

One of the main tactical weaknesses of the T'Loth class Assault Cruiser is its sensor system. The Narn DV-209 sensor array is actually three separate sensor systems purchased from three different races in the League of Non-Aligned worlds. The three sensor systems were completely incompatible but, as with all newly acquired technology, the Narns made it work. The DV-209s sensor beams can be easily fooled, resulting in more than one Assault Cruiser being lost in hyperspace or registering false targets in real space. In addition to this problem, the DV-209 has a rigorous maintenance routine that must be followed if the system is to remain operational.

One of the worst cases of a T'Loth class ship becoming lost in Hyperspace, was an incident that occurred during the Dilgar war, when a fleet of T'Loth class ships assigned to assist in a major offensive against the Dilgar, became lost in hyperspace and were never heard from again. Consequently the battle was lost, resulting in both a Narn and League fleet being wiped out.


TLoth Stats


Narn Regime Gorith Raider - M3 - By DeadlyDa

Designed from the outset as an interceptor, the Gorith covers a great many of the Frazi’s shortcomings, though it lacks the heavier fighter’s powerful armament. It is, in fact, an older fighter than the Frazi, which was in turn developed because of a perceived weakness in the Gorith design when matched against capital ships but despite this, it remains the Narn’s only real answer to the Centauri Sentri once the fleet’s Energy Mines have been expended.


Gorith Stats


Narn Regime Q'Guan Heavy Cruiser - M2 - By Balogt

Narn G'Quan class Heavy Cruiser was the back bone of the Narn's Military, up until the time of the Narn Regimes downfall at the hands of the Centauri Republic in 2259. This vessel is some 1,400 meters in length, has three large BB9K type particle thrust engines and can carry a maximum of 12 Frazi class starfighters. Speed and tactical capabilities of this vessel are superior to an Earth Alliance Hyperion class Heavy Cruiser, but inferior to the Earthforce Nova and Omega class starships.

Like Earthforce vessels, the Narn G'Quan class Heavy Cruiser uses nuclear Fusion as their primary means of power generation. Main fusion reactors on the G'Quan class Heavy Cruiser has an energy output of 7.08*1022 joule and a power output of 3,037 Terawatts under normal operations and 39,055 Terawatts under combat conditions.

G'Quan class vessels are armed with two forward firing heavy particle/laser cannons, six pulsed plasma cannons, several light pulse cannon guns and energy mines. When first introduced into service in 2244, it was rumored that Narn warships, despite their size, could fly in atmosphere. This sent a panic through many of the other races, particularly the Centauri, fearing that the Narns had some how learned how to create artificial gravity. These rumors were quickly put to rest however, when Centauri spies confirmed that the ship could not fly in atmosphere, and that the Narn Regime were, in fact, no where close to discovering artificial gravity technology.

Many of the rumors that surround much of Narn technology, were created and propagated by the Narn government, in order to strike fear into any race that would oppose them. To a race who had never encountered the Narns, or had knowledge of their technology, at first glance this class vessel would appear to be from a highly advanced race; a race who was a advanced as perhaps the Centauri, or even the Minbari.

This of course was the intention of the colorful markings and sleek design of the ships, to fool other races into thinking the Narn were more technologically advanced than they actually were. If one looks closely at the G'Quan class Heavy Cruiser, underneath the bright colors and sleek angles, the Narn Heavy Cruisers is just as bulky, cumbersome, and duty oriented as any Earth starships of this classification. Every centimeter of the Narn ship is built for function. It should be noted that Narn technology is quite inferior to any of the aforementioned races, and is at least now several steps behind the current technology of the Earth Alliance, even before the alliances acquisition advanced technology from the Interstellar Alliance.


GQuan Stats



Narn Regime Frazi Fighter - M4 - By Balogt

Narn Frazi class Heavy Fighter is a single pilot attack ship measuring 15.8 meters in length. These vessels are armed with two unidirectional pulse discharge cannons (which are a step above the bolters used on old Earth Alliance fighters), can carry up to four missiles and can fly both in atmosphere as well as in the vacuum of space. At present the Frazi is the predominant fighter of the Narn Regime.

These vessels are powered by two fusion batteries with a power output of 400 megawatts and have two ion engines with a maximum thrust of 790,000 Choths (maximum linear thrust of 0.5 km/s/s). Unlike the Earthforce Starfury, the cockpits of Narn fighters are pressurized and the pilots do not where any form of space/pressure suits. This appears to indicate that the Narn can withstand the physical strain of Zero-G combat and high G-Forces to a far greater degree than humans can.

Though the Narn fighter is quite capable and the Frazi is the best fighter seen in the Narn military to date, it is neither as well armed nor as maneuverable as an Earth Alliance Starfury or Thunderbolt. As a matter of fact, an Earth Alliance Starfury can withstand several direct hits from a Narn fighter's two twenty megawatt pulse discharge weapons, but a Starfury can destroy a Narn fighter with a single blast from it's four 80 megawatt guns. It should be noted however that a Narn fighters standard pay-load of four fusion missiles, give them the edge they need to combat fighters from almost any race.


Frazi Stats



Brakiri Riva Fighter - M3 - By Balogt


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Star Wars


Ebon Hawk - TS - By Balogt

Thousands of years ago, the Ebon Hawk became legendary in smuggling circles. It spent most of its operational life being used to shuttle goods for Davik Kang, the Taris underworld boss during the Mandalorian Wars. Through careful piloting and a ridiculously overpowered drive system, the ship was able to outrun Republic and Sith patrols alike, making deliveries to numerous shady characters along the galactic rim. Davik would joke that it was the best thing he had ever stolen, and for the number of times it saved his life, he had good reason to make the claim.

It's not exactly clear where Davik acquired the Ebon Hawk. The primary systems were modified so many times that the original classification and even the company that built it were hard to determine. It's possible the ship was a developmental prototype from some showroom floor, cobbled together from several different models. Key components are obvious retrofits, from the stolen navigational computers to the uncommonly powerful hyperdrive. A number of smuggler-specific customizations have been made as well, though only Davik knew where or how to access them all.

Ebon Hawk

Ebon Hawk Stats



Imperial Tie Defender - M4 - By DeadlyDa

Conventional Imperial design philosophies would not have produced the TIE defender, but the repeated successes of Alliance starfighter pilots forced the Empire's hand. Developed in absolute secrecy by the higher echelons of the Imperial Navy, the deadly new TIE defender was to be an evolution of TIE technologies in a bold new direction. Though labeled as a 'logical advance,' the defender was the Empire's silent nod of respect to the Rebellion's starfighter forces.

Eschewing the swarming wing maneuvers that were a staple of Imperial combat doctrine, the TIE defender would instead empower a single pilot to operate as a formidable fighting force. Unlike the standard TIE fighter, this model featured sturdy deflector shields and a hyperdrive engine, and packed incredible firepower.

Three sets of angled quadanium solar gather panels cluster around the familiar circular cockpit. Using the latest in Sienar Fleet Systems technologies, a robust I-s4d solar ionization reactor powers the starfighter, while twin P-sz9.7 ion engines provide propulsion at an impressive 40 percent higher yield than the standard TIE/ln.

An SFS F-s5x flight avionics system translates the pilot's instructions into twisting acrobatic maneuvers. A triple array of maneuvering jets on the branching tri-wing assembly allows the TIE defender to tumble through seemingly impossible dives and jinks, outshining the impressive TIE interceptor in sheer agility.

Tie Defender

Tie Defender Stats



Imperial Tie Interceptor - M5 - By DeadlyDa

A later addition to the TIE starfighter arsenal, the TIE interceptor sports a jagged pair of dagger-like wings, giving it an ultrasleek profile that hints at the blinding speed the fighter possesses. Like the standard TIE, the interceptor has a ball-shaped single-pilot cockpit suspended between a pair of bracing arms. The arms terminate in solar gather panels that power the craft. Unlike the TIE fighter, the interceptor has four powerful laser cannons mounted on the tips of the dagger wings. TIE interceptors figured prominently in the Battle of Endor.

Tie Interceptor

Tie Interceptor Stats



Rebel Alliance A-Wing - M5 - By DeadlyDa

With its sleek arrowhead shape, streamlined cockpit and massive twin engines, the A-wing starfighter suggests raw speed even when parked within Alliance hangar bays. Faster than even the TIE interceptor, the A-wing is well suited for lightning strikes. It sports a pair of pivoting laser cannons on each wingtip. The starfighters of Green Squadron, which flew in the Battle of Endor, were made up of A-wing starfighters.


AWing Stats



Rebel Alliance B-Wing - M3 - By DeadlyDa

Perhaps the oddest-looking starfighter in the Rebel Alliance fleet, the B-wing fighter is as powerful as it is ungainly. The ship's structure is almost entirely taken up by its primary airfoil, which houses a cylindrical cockpit on one end, an engine cluster in the center, and a heavy weapons pod at its base. Located just below the engine cluster are a pair of S-foils which can deploy to extend the firing arc of twin laser cannons.

The B-wing's command pod has a unique gyroscopic control system. The pilot can orient it so that it always stays level with a pre-designated horizon line. No matter which way the B-wing may maneuver laterally, its pilot remains upright.

B-wing fighters figured prominently in the Battle of Endor as Alliance pilots such as Ten Numb piloted the ship into the historic showdown.


BWing Stats



Rebel Alliance Nebulon B Frigate - M2 - By DeadlyDa

The Nebulon-B Frigate is a starship from the fictional Star Wars universe, and it has also been known as the Escort Frigate or the Rebel Cruiser. Built before and during the Galactic Civil War, this ship was used by both sides of the battle as a support ship for the large capital ships, such as Imperial Star Destroyers and Rebel Mon Calamari Cruisers. It was often used by the Rebellion during the war, with the most famous instance of this ship being the Medical Frigate seen in the movies The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

It is and was built by a subsidiary of the massive galactic Kuat Drive Yards corporation, and the ship mounts twelve turbolaser batteries and twelve laser cannons. A Nebulon-B Frigate carries 24 starfighters. It can outgun an Imperial Carrack-class light cruiser.

It had a sublight velocity of 4 Space Units or 12,000G, and had a Class 2 hyperdrive.

The Nebulon-B was successful in its design role as convoy escort for Imperial convoys and an anti-starfighter warship. The job was contracted to KDY after a string of embarrassingly successful and frequent Rebel strikes.

It also filled a crucial gap between costly Imperial-class Star Destroyers and weak Corellian Corvettes. Its moderate firepower and two squadrons of TIE Fighters made very effective for deterring Rebel starfighter raids from hyperspace. Enemy forces soon found countermeasures and a number of those frigates defected to the Rebel Alliance. For a time the Rebel Alliance used them as command ships for raids into the Empire but they were replaced by the far more capable Mon Calamari cruisers and modified for other uses or became dedicated fleet escorts.

However, it was a relatively cheap escort and was found in great numbers across the galaxy despite its slow speed and vulnerability at the rear end. As demonstrable in most Star Wars-themed space combat video games, only a few turrets are mounted near the engines. Once these are taken out, the frigate cannot target enemy fighters attacking from behind due to its cylindrical design.


Nebulon Stats



YT-1300 Millennium Falcon - TS - By DeadlyDa

A legendary starship despite its humble origins and deceptively dilapidated exterior, the Millennium Falcon has factored into some of the Rebel Alliance's greatest victories over the Empire. On the surface, the Falcon looks like any other Corellian freighter, with a saucer-shaped primary hull, a pair of forward cargo-gripping mandibles, and a cylindrical cockpit mounted to the ship's side.

Beneath its hull, though, the Falcon packs many powerful secrets. Its owners made "special modifications" on the freighter, boosting its speed, shielding and performance to downright illegal levels. Its weaponry has been upgraded to military-class quad laser turrets. To cover rapid escapes, the Falcon sports a ventrally mounted hatch-concealed antipersonnel repeating laser. Between its forward mandibles rest concussion missile launchers. The habitable interior of the vessel also has a few surprises, such as concealed scanner-proof smuggling compartments.

The Falcon pays a heavy price for its augmented performance, though. It is extremely recalcitrant and often unpredictable. Its reconditioned hyperdrive often fails. Its current captain, Han Solo, has even been seen to restart a failed ignition sequence with a hard rap on the bulkhead with his fist.

A vessel employed in the shady fringe business of smuggling, the Falcon was owned by Lando Calrissian before Solo won it in a heated sabacc game. Under Solo's command, the Falcon became a famous starship, completing the Kessel Run at unprecedented speeds. Solo and his first mate Chewbacca maintained the Falcon, constantly modifying and tinkering with it, coaxing the maximum speed from the ship.


YT1300 Stats



YT-2400 Corellian Transport - M3 - By DeadlyDa

The ship is manufactured by Corellian Engineering Corporation (located in the Corellia system), which is one of the largest and oldest starship manufacturers. The company primarily produces civilian vessels, although it occasionally builds specialized warships for markets not given attention by Kuat Drive Yards and similar corporations. Its ships (civilian or otherwise) range in size from a few meters to several kilometers, depending on the application. Nonetheless, CEC is best known for its moderately-armed, easily-modified freighters.

The YT-2400 was designed to be a replacement for the aging YT-1300. Rather than design a ship based off of the same frame as the YT-1300, CEC designed a whole new and more compact frame that used as many of the same parts as the YT-1300 as possible. This was so as to take advantage of the still thriving aftermarket sales of YT-1300 parts and upgrades.

The YT-2400, unlike the YT-1300, came equipped as standard with shielding. The ship also had many hardpoints for aftermarket weaponry, and sold lightly armed straight off the assembly line. The YT-2400 also came with 2 escape pods, one accessed straight from the cockpit and a second one in the main saucer. Dispte its more compact size, the YT-2400 has a larger cargo hold than the older YT-1300.





Rebel Alliance X-Wing - M4 - By DeadlyDa

The Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter has become a symbol of the Rebellion's starfighter corps. Pressed into service time and again, the typical Alliance X-wing shows the scars from previous engagements, though the fact that it still performs as an advanced vessel of space superiority is indication of the ruggedness of the craft.

The sleek fuselage of the X-wing starfighter is 12.5 meters long. The long, narrow spaceframe is flanked in the aft quarter by four massive realspace engines. Each engine has an aerodynamic S-foil mounted on it. The wings not only serve as stabilizer surfaces in air travel, but also distribute deflector shield energy and serve as weapons mounts. The surface of each S-foil bears squadron and fighter markings.

Located midway through the ship is the X-wing's cockpit module. Behind the X-wing's cockpit is an astromech socket. The astromech droid provides astrogation data for the fighter's hyperdrives, and serves as a co-pilot and technician during flight. Three landing gears extend when the fighter is docked.


XWing Stats



Imperial Star Destroyer - M1 - By DeadlyDa

The designation "Star Destroyer" most often refers to the common dagger-hulled combat vessels used by the Empire in the three films of the original Star Wars trilogy. These ships are commonly referred to as Imperial-class Star Destroyers, their official designation as of a short time after the declaration of the newly formed Empire. During the earliest weeks of Imperial regime and the latter days of the Clone Wars, the class was known as the Imperator-class. When the term "Star Destroyer" is used without further qualification, it usually refers to ships of this class.

All Imperial-class variants are said to be 1,600 meters (approximately one mile) long. The crew of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer is 37,000, and these vessels also carry a full complement of 9,700 stormtroopers which brings the overall total to 46,700 men. In service with the New Republic the crews were reduced to about 28,000 men.

There are two subtypes of Imperial-class Star Destroyers: the Mark I and Mark II designs. This distinction that seems to reflect the two distinct VFX models used in the Star Wars films; on a Mark I ship, the tractor beam array at the top of the superstructure sometimes stands up to look like a tall, X-shaped structure, while the Mark II has the same array on its back to look flat. At other times the Mark I array appears in repose, as in the Battles of Hoth and Endor. More permanent variations include differences in weaponry, and three small baffles arranged 60° apart around the main exhaust nozzles at the stern of the ISD-I. The Mark I was the only ISD type featured in A New Hope. A mixture of Mark I and Mark II vessels appear in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Star Destroyer

ISD Stats



Rebel Alliance Y-Wing - M4 - By DeadlyDa

Growing increasingly outdated with the advent of sleeker, more powerful starfighters, the Y-wing nonetheless has a proud track record of service in the Rebel Alliance. The sturdy fighter-bomber gets its name from its shape: a reinforced central spar connects the cockpit to a cross-spar. At each end of the cross-spar rests a powerful engine nacelle, which houses the fighter's sublight and hyperdrive engines. Just aft of the cockpit module is the astromech droid socket.

The Y-wing's primary weapons are twin forward-firing laser cannons, housed in a recessed slot in the front of the cockpit module. A secondary weapon is a turret-mounted paired set of cannons. Though many Y-wings fly as single-pilot fighters, some sport a two-seat configuration with a rear-facing tailgunner operating the turret cannons.

The Y-wing also carries proton torpedo launchers. During the Battles of Yavin and Endor, Y-wing squadrons were influential in helping defeat the Death Star threats. A Y-wing brandishes its squadron colors and markings on its main cockpit module and the forward tips of the engine nacelles.


YWing Stats


Star Trek


Maquis Raider - M6 - By DeadlyDa

While this vessel is best know to be used by a group know as 'The Maquis', the design in reality is an older Federation design. In the first war fought between the Federation and the Cardassians, the Federation had a huge technological edge but they had went away from smaller vessels and in many cases just did not have the vessels needed to carry out missions that they required. Because of this, the Federation raced a design into production as fast as possible based on a small short range cargo and courier vessel. This was to allow much faster construction and also made repairs easier. Theses vessels served during the war and when the war was over, the leader of the Federation decided that they could decommission these vessels. Some did remain in service as couriers and some were put into reserve yards. The remained were either scrapped or sold to outside interests. The pioneers on the Federation border next to the Cardassians managed to acquire some of the vessels sold. After the Federation gave up many of the planets that these colonists lived on, the colonists formed a group called the Maquis and rearmed many of these vessels. Even though the ships were rebuild ships from the previous wars and of a civilian design, they did quite well and savages the forces that the Cardassians were willing to use against them. It was not until the Cardassians joined the Dominion that the Maquis was wiped out. It is rumored that a small number of vessels survived and joined the Federation in fighting the Dominion. During the Dominion War, many of the Corvettes sitting in Reserve Yards were recommissioned and did surprisingly well. With the end of the War, it is likely that these vessels will soon decommission and the raining vessels in courier service will be replaced by Runabouts.

These vessels are constructed to civilian standards and have less powerful warp drives than most of the Federations primary warships but they do have a powerful impulse engine and have good combat performance. The Raiders are operated much like a large fighter and much like the Klingon Birds of Prey. Like many ships their size and smaller, the Raider can land on planets. The hull of the vessel is less strong than a purpose built corvette might but can still withstand enough damage to be worthwhile. The whole design is modular and is designed for easy replacement. When sold to outside interests, the shields were replaced by civilian shield generators but were upgraded back to military standards in the vessel that the Maquis refitted.

In weapon systems, most of the Maquis Raiders have salvaged weapon systems. This makes for a huge amount of variation but listed is the most common design. Most common beam weaponry are two mounts of heavy phaser cannons mounted with one on each of the wings of the vessel. These weapons are normally fired forward and are capable of destroying a fighter quickly and swarming threatens even the most powerful of larger vessels. While the vessels originally did not carry them, many have been refitted with mini-photon torpedo launchers. These are good for powerful pinpoint attacks. Finally, these vessels can carry up to 24 full sized photon torpedoes carried underneath the Raider.


Maquis Stats



Marquis Peregrin - M3 - By Balogt



Peregrin Stats




Battlestar Galatica


Cylon Original Basestar - M1 - By DeadlyDa

The Basestar is the primary Cylon capital ship identified in the series, comparable to a colonial Battlestar. The presence of a Basestar is generally enough to make Galactica decline battle.

In the Season 2 episode "Resurrection Ship, Part 2", with both sides' fighter fleets engaged elsewhere, the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus are able to engage and destroy at least one Basestar in ship to ship combat. Robbed of their Raider fleet (which is much larger than a Battlestar's viper complement), they appeared to be no match for the Battlestars. The battlestars used the tactic of circling one Basestar while firing upon it, until destroyed. The outcome of the battle is not a definite depiction of the comparable ability of the Basestars and Battlestars. Basestars carry at least 250 Raiders on exterior service pods, with an unknown number of additional fighters inside, visually Basestars lack the armor of colonial battlestars. In contrast, Mercury class battlestars, such as the Pegasus, have been shown to sustain at least three hits from nuclear weapons and still maintain the ability to devastate Basestars with its weapons at close range.

Basestars are about 5,100 feet long and designed to make FTL jumps and equipped to deploy large-scale strikes with high yield nuclear and conventional ordnance. Basestars are biomechanical entities, with fleshy "hangars" to house Raiders. Basestars are, however, capable of carrying other Cylon models within them.

Cylon Basestar

Bassestar Stats



Cylon Raider MK1 - M4 - By DeadlyDa

Powerful Cylon Raider is the primary attack craft of the Cylon Empire and is considered one of the most lethal combat fighters in the known universe. A standard Raider is 45.28 feet (13.8 meters) long, 63.4 feet (19.3 meters) wide. Raiders have a standard crew of three Cylon Centurions who split all duties during combat as gunner, pilot, and the lead Centurion as navigator.

Cylon Raiders are powered by two high-energy Fusion reactors, one Tylium energizer and possesses superior fuel reserves than that of Viper which give the Raider an extended combat range over that of the Colonial Viper. Unlike the Colonial Vipers, Cylon Raiders do not have Turbo boosters, Cylon engines only capable of discharging ions from their particle thrust engines at 76.009% the velocity of light. What she lacks in speed however the Raider more than makes up for in agility.

Data from the Colonial War-Book places the Raider's rate of role of 46.22 degrees per second squared and pitch rate of 88.5 d/s^2. Launch speed is 11 m/s^2 with a cruising speed of 44.4 m/s. This is superior to that of the Viper which was designed more as an interceptor while the Raider falls into the combat class of Heavy Fighter.

Cylon Raider

Cylon Raider Stats



Cylon Raider Mk2 - M3 - By DeadlyDa

In the 2003 remake of Battlestar Galactica, the Cylon Raider is the main attack fighter used by the Cylons, participating in the destruction of the Twelve Colonies and later actions.

This fighter is much different from the previous, piloted Raider used during the Cylon War (the Raider from the 1978 series). The new Raiders are part machine, part organism in nature. Just like the Cylon androids that look completely human[2], the Raiders are also capable of being "reborn" into new Raiders after having been destroyed. This is done so that new, replacement Raiders do not have to be trained, meaning that experienced combat "pilots" that have been killed are quickly available for duty again. This provides the Cylons with a distinct tactical advantage in the amount of battle seasoning a Raider will have over a replacement Viper pilot[3].

The Raiders have many weapons, including conventional missiles, nuclear missiles and kinetic energy weapon guns. They can transmit a computer virus to a Colonial vessel using the Command Navigation Program (CNP), rendering the Colonial vessel inoperable. When transmitting the virus, its red eye activates and oscillates to the left and right repeatedly.

The Cylon Raider is also capable of making FTL jumps. After the Raider was captured by the Battlestar Galactica, its FTL drive system was discovered to be more efficient than those on the Colonial vessels. It could travel the distance of Kobol to Caprica in just one jump.

It is capable of traveling through an atmosphere, as was its predecessor, and is far more maneuverable in spaceflight than the previous Raider.

Cylon Raider 2

Cylon Raider Stats



Battlestar Galatica - M1 - By Balogt

One of twelve Battlestars constructed by the Twelve Colonies of Man, the Galactica represents the Colonial planet Caprica. The Battlestar Galactica was built 50 yahren before the close of the Thousand Yahren War (and the start of the TV series). It was believed to be the only Battlestar to survive the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies, until the Battlestar Pegasus was found.

The Galactica is commanded by Commander Adama. It has a complement of about 150 Vipers: a mixture of its own, some from the other battlestars at the Peace Conference, and a large number of fighters from the Pegasus.


Galatica Stats



Colonial Viper MK2 - M5 - By Balogt

In the original run of Battlestar Galactica, the single-seated Colonial Viper is the only known fighter flown by Colonial Pilots, referred to as "Warriors." There is only one known variant of Viper seen in the series, likely due to limitations caused by the need to reuse a great deal of stock footage of Vipers in action. The flight helmet worn by the Warrior pilots resembles an ancient Egyptian headdress, however the symbolism of this helmet is never explained.

The Vipers are launched from a long tube, apparently assisted by some sort of catapult mechanism. In flight, the Vipers typically use all three of their engines for powered flight, and can use a "Turbo" boost for greater speed, analogous to a modern fighter plane's afterburner. They can also reverse thrust for rapid deceleration, a useful tactic when being pursued by enemy ships who would then tend to overshoot the Viper, placing them in a vulnerable position. Vipers are capable of atmospheric as well as space flight, and can land and take off from a planetary surface.

Armament consist of two energy beam weapons, linked together to fire simultaneously. They can also carry fire suppression equipment, shown in one episode where they are used to battle a fire on the Galactica after action against the Cylons.

Some Vipers are known to be capable of invisibility when on the ground, as seen in the Galactica 1980 series. (In other 1980 episodes, we learn that a Colonial Warrior's uniform is meant to protect against the crushing effects of gravity, similar to an inertial dampener.) A 2-seat version of the Viper is also seen in the Galactica 1980 series, and hinted at in the first episode of the TV series.

Viper MK2

Viper Stats


Wing Commander


Kilrathi Dralthi Mk3 - M3 - By DeadlyDa

A light patrol fighter primarily for reconnaissance and defensive use, deployed in 2654. The fighter had a new planform; a flattened "bat-wing" plan that would remain the ship's trademark through the seventies and into the eighties. The shorter but wider wings had the unfortunate effect of making the Terran pilots' job of assaulting these craft even easier, as the Dralthi was now nearly impossible to miss at close to medium range.


Dralthi Stats


Kilrathi Kamekh Corvette - M6 - By Balogt

The Kamekh was the Kilrathi class corvette of 2668. It's heavy armnament and shields were nonetheless ineffective against a coordinated enemy attack. The Kamekh was primarily used in conjunction with larger ships or to maintain security around a jump point. These were decommissioned shortly after the Battle of Terra.


Kamekh Stats



Kilrathi Strakha Stealth Fighter - M4 - By Balogt

he fictional Strakha fighter is a Kilrathi stealth fighter that appears in the later parts of Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger.

The first Kilrathi stealth fighter to ever be mass produced, the Strakha has an effective "cloak," which is a major advantage for Kilrathi pilots. A notable tactic for Strakha pilots is that when cloaked, they disappear on your radar and will reappear by sneaking up on you from behind. The Strakha is at its most dangerous when traveling in swarms, where they can easily wear down a hapless Terran pilot, as he can never tell whether he had gotten them all.

The Strakha is quite fast (1200 kps) and has some decent enough weaponry (2 meson blasters and 5 HS missiles). Unfortunately, it has very weak armor and this forces Strakha pilots to play a "hit-and-disappear" tactic on enemy fighters because they can't last long under heavy fire. The main reason for the Strakha's weak armor is because of the over-taxed power plant; due to the increasing economic strains on their home planet, Kilrathi engineers had to sacrifice the Strakha's armor for more improved speed.





Kilrathi Vaktoth - M3 - By Balogt

In the Wing Commander universe, "Vaktoth" is the name of a family of heavy fighters used by the Kilrathi. The first Vaktoth was built in the 2660s and derivatives of the design continued in varying forms of Kilrathi service at least into the 2680s.

The Vaktoth was the standard "line" heavy fighter for the Kilrathi towards the latter phases of the Kilrathi War. It was heavily armed and shielded; the addition of jump capability allowed it to conduct fast strike missions before defenders could properly react and pursue. It was armed with two ion cannon, two meson blasters in the rear turret, two plasma cannon and a tachyon gun. Eight heat-seeking missiles rounded out the armament. The Vaktoth was generally considered a match for the Confederation Thunderbolt heavy fighter, with better Confederation pilot training tipping the balance in favor of the Terrans.

The post-war Vaktoth had slightly improved performance over the war-era variant. The plasma cannon were replaced by particle cannon and the rear dual-meson turret was replaced by a laser turret. Two missile loadouts were known to have been carried: the fighter loadout consisted of four heatseekers and four IFF missiles while the bomber loadout consisted of four heatseekers and two heavy torpedoes. However, by this time advancing technology had far outpaced the Vaktoth, leaving the venerable Kilrathi craft in the dust.


Vaktoth Stats



Kilrathi Korlarh Heavy Fighter - M3 - By Balogt

he Kilrathi Korlarh heavy fighter was pressed into service shortly after the abortive Kilrathi attack on Earth. Housing a number of experimental weapon systems, this craft saw little action against confederation ships, it mainly served as a defensive fighter against raiders and pirates. Also viewed as one of the "beta" craft that preceded the tech explosion between 2668 and 2669, the data collected on the performance of the experimental systems within would prove invaluable in the design of future Kilrathi fighter craft.


Korlarh Stats



Kilrathi Goran Heavy Fighter - M3 - By Balogt


Goran Stats


Kilrathi Gothri Heavy Fighter - M3 - By Balogt

In the fictional Wing Commander universe, the Gothri was an excellent but fortunately very short-lived Kilrathi heavy fighter introduced in 2666, a member of a long line of excellent Kilrathi heavy fighter designs. Advancing technology on both sides of the border rendered it obsolete by late 2668 and in 2669-70 it saw service only in little-contested frontier sectors like Gemini. During its brief service, it was a more than even match for the F-57 Sabre heavy fighter, and it took a combination of a good pilot and a good fighter to defeat the Gothri.

Increasing materials efficiency was what did the Gothri in; by 2669 its once-thick armor plating was comparatively paper-thin and it could easily be defeated by the Confederation's Arrow light fighter. It was succeeded by the excellent Vaktoth heavy fighter.


Gothri Stats



Civilian Drayman Merchant Transport - TL - By Balogt

The Drayman is one of the most basic merchant ships you are likely to encounter in the Gemini Sector. This spacecraft is suitable for carrying cargo, but it is also extremely vulnerable to attack. With poor acceleration, slow max velocity and no afterburner power, this vessel can hardly hope to evade any predator eager to take over some cargo.





Civilian Orion Gunship - M6 - By Balogt

This ship is the most durable ship in the systems. It can carry the most armor and shields, at the cost of maneuverability. A strong and sturdy ship popular with mercenaries.


Orion Stats



Civilian Galaxy Merchant Ship - TP - By Balogt

The Galaxy is a heavy merchant ship, built with a large cargo hold and few weapon racks. Equiped with two turrets on the top and bottom, this ship's weapons were installed primarily for defensive purposes.


Galaxy Stats



Civilian Tarsus Merchant Scout - TP - By Balogt

The Tarsus used to be the mainstay of the Exploratory Services fleet, and is now popular among the general public.


Tarsus Stats



Civilian Refinery - M1 - By Balogt


Refinery Stats



Civilian Mercenary Demon Fighter - M4 - By Balogt

The Demon combines high velocities and powerful acceleration with a wide array of deadly weapons. Its torpedo loadout can take out capital ships like the Kamekh or Paradigm with relative ease. If you are forced to fight the Demon in a close dogfight, try to make a side attack on that location’s weak armor.


Demon Stats



Border Worlds Banshee Medium Fighter - M4 - By DeadlyDa


Banshee Stats


Confederation TB-81 Shrike Bomber - M3 - By Balogt

The fictional TB-81 Shrike medium torpedo bomber is a general-purpose strike fighter deployed by the Confederation in the Wing Commander computer game.

It was designed as a strike fighter/torpedo bomber that could be fielded in numbers, as opposed to the more capable and expensive Devastator heavy bomber. From all appearances, it seemed that Confed planned to replace the Kilrathi war-era Thunderbolt heavy fighter with the Shrike.

The TB-81A was armed with two particle cannon, three mass drivers with alternate charging setting, a stormfire cannon, and defensive laser turrets at ventral, dorsal and aft surfaces (though the initial delivery was only fitted with the rear weapon). Four image-recognition missiles, four unguided heavy rockets, six light torpedoes, two heavy torpedoes, 36 light rockets and 18 mines could be carried internally. In the wild-weasel role, the torpedoes were replaced one-for-one with anti-turret missiles.

The TB-81S "Black Shrike" was an improved version that mounted two dust cannon and three pulse-particle cannon as gun armament, and upgraded missile models, including rapid-fire guided-rocket pods. Its increased offensive power, however, was still limited by the craft's lackluster maneuverability; all the firepower in the world means nothing if it can't be pointed in the right direction. Furthermore, the spaceplane's gun capacitors were sometimes found wanting if all five guns were fired at once.


Shrike Stats



Confederation Hellcat V - M4 - By Balogt

The (fictional) F-86 Hellcat V was a moderately successful medium fighter during the late period of the Kilrathi War in the Wing Commander fictional universe. Developed as a replacement for the successful Rapier medium fighter, the Hellcat never really filled the shoes of its legendary predecessor. Compared to the Rapier, the Hellcat was 30 km/s slower, had a much slower afterburner, less effective missiles and a poorer gun suite relative to other fighters of its era. The Hellcat soldiered on into the early 2670s due to budget cuts before being decommissioned and replaced by the F/A-105 Tigershark multirole fighter.

The Hellcat V is named for the Grumman F6F Hellcat propellor fighter. The F-86 designation also belongs to the F-86 Sabre jet fighter (which also saw service in the US Navy as the FJ-4/F-1D Fury).


Hellcat Statss



Confederation Talon Medium Fighter - M4 - By Balogt

The Talon is one of the most common fighters on the Terran-Kilrathi frontier, owing to the 2654 illegal sale of the fighters by Gemini Sector Governor Menesch to the Church of Man. For the fifteen years following that event, Talons became not only the primary vehicles of neo-luddite terrorism, but also common tools of pirates, mobsters and any other sort of illegitimate operation that might benefit from a fast, cheap fighter. Further complicating the matter, many frontier militia units also use the craft. In short, space is full of Talons.

In 2790, a disabled Talon was discovered at Nav Point #190 in the Tri-System. The CIS issued a Code 3 Top Priority call for the destruction of the ship and the capture of its pilot. The Papagod Clan deployed a pair of Temblers to capture the ship for themselves. At this time, it is unknown why the appearance of an antique fighter caused such a serious reaction.


Talon Stats




Confederation Perry Naval Base - M1 - By Balogt




Confederation Broadsword Bomber - M6 - By Balogt

The Broadsword is a commonly encountered Confederation fighter. It is equipped with a deadly array of blasters and several HS and FF missiles, which pose a severe threat to any enemy that ventures to cross its path. The Broadsword’s main weaknesses lie in its slow speed, low maneuverability and limited acceleration powers.A side attack on the weaker port and starboard armor is advisable.


Broadsword Stats



Confederation Wraith - M3 - By Balogt

It was successful in being the highest-performance medium fighter ever developed. Wraiths saw service oboard the TCS Lexington special operations carrier in 2669. However, its expense limited it to the special operations role, the standard main medium fighter of the Confederation forces was the F-86 Hellcat V.


Wraith Stats



Confederation Midway Mega Carrier - M1 - By Balogt

he Midway-class Heavy Fleet Carrier ("Megacarrier") is a fictional starship in the Wing Commander science-fiction computer game universe. The first operational ship of this class, TCS Midway was commissioned in 2680.

The Midway was conceived by Commodore Christopher Blair around 2675 as a lower-cost alternative to the expensive Vesuvius-class heavy fleet carrier then entering the fleet. Unlike the Vesuvius, which was dedicated entirely to naval combat, the Midway carried a complement of 1500 marines and a dedicated science team.

Midway represented a radical change in Confederation carrier design. Unlike the classic through-deck hanger design that marked many previous carriers, Midway had six launch tubes and two receiving bays for flight operations. This meant that the large internal hanger void was no longer exposed, but this configuration could not launch fighters as quickly and was initially unreliable. In addition, she only carried some 252 fighters, as compared to 400 on Vesuvius. She was 1,830 meters long but displaced only 200,000 tons (as compared to the 1,600 meters, 250,000 tonne Vesuvius).

Also, unlike Vesuvius, Midway's armament was almost entirely defensive in nature. Twenty-five laser turrets and six image-recognition missile launchers were emplaced to ward off all but the heaviest fighter strikes. Several capital ion cannon launchers were installed, but saw little action in the Nephilim campaign; the Midway's fighter launch tubes doubled as launchers for Capital Ship Missiles. During the Nephilim campaign, Midway captured and installed an alien fleet plasma gun but the technology was not fully understood. Only one shot could be fired safely; afterwards the gun became dangerously destabilized.


Midway Stats


Pirates Dragon Heavy Fighter - M3 - By Balogt

he fictional F-107 'Lance' heavy fighter, sometimes referred to as the 'Dragon', was a very powerful heavy fighter in the Wing Commander universe. The Dragon was heavily armed and armored, and quite fast, but not particularly maneuverable (unsurprising, as it carried a very heavy attack loadout designed for everything from dogfighting to anti-ship bombing). It also carried a cloaking device and was jump capable.

The only known variant of the Dragon was in service in the early 2670s and carried two tachyon cannon and two plasma guns as its main armament. Secondary armament was a pair of super-powerful charging guns on the wingtips called Fission Cannon, which could inflict heavy damage on any target. Missiles were four heat seeking and six friend-or-foe missiles, and the fighter carried two hardpoints on which it could mount torpedoes, MIPs (Manned Insertion Pods, an infiltration device) or a circular explosive device called a Flashpak, which operated by impregnating the atmosphere of a target vessel with an incendiary mixture and then igniting it, burning out the ship's interior in a single incandescent flash.

The Dragons were also used for surface attack, to distribute the Black Lance's Gen-Select bioweapon. This grisly task combined with their sinister appearance (black fighters with glowing red bussard intakes) made them a symbol of evil, and they were decommissioned when the Black Lance program was revealed in 2673. Even if the Confederation Senate had chosen to procure more Dragons after the war, the incredible expense of those fighters would have severely limited deployment to a handful of elite squadrons.





Steltek Drone Fighter - M3 - By Balogt

A guardian left by the Steltek race, the drone was designed to guard - and destroy if needed - any relics of the civilization that were left undestroyed. After retrieving the Steltek Type 1 gun from the Derelict, the drone will chase you, killing everything in its path.


Drone Stats




Serenity - TS - By DeadlyDa

There's so much you can say about the character of the ship...

More than I've got time to say all in one sitting, so let's just get the particulars out of the way with a few useful images and facts.

Serenity is a Midbulk Transport, standard radion-accelerator core. Class code 03-K64 -- Firefly. A Firefly Transport. She is one of the 'Aught-Three Series' (presumably, given her slightly worn appearance, that '03' refers either to the year when the model was first presented or the third revision of the basic design). There have been other models of Firefly prior to the '03 -- for instance, the Firefly Model One. It is durable and apparently has lots of locations where illegal material may be hidden, a fact that makes it an ideal ship for Mal and his crew of sometimes smugglers.

Serenity has, in many ways, been made into a home for the crew and passengers (though most of that work has been done by Kaylee, as shown by the entrance to her bunk). Still, much of the ship is fairly utilitarian, composed of wire grating over most of the floor and exposed ductwork.


Serenity Stats




Starship Troopers


Roger Young - M1 - By DeadlyDa

The Roger Young is a very capable M1-class ship with hanger space for 91 ships (90 internal, and 1 external), and 24 lasers in six 4-laser turrets. While offering less firepower than the Sulaco, it is faster, more maneuverable, has good hull strength, and still carries 10GJ of advanced shielding.

Roger Young

Roger young Stats





Sulaco - M1 - By DeadlyDa

sed by the United States Colonial Marines, the Sulaco is a Conestoga-class starship, originally designed as troop and logistics transports. By 2179, these ships had been converted into a rapid-response military transport, with orbital bombardment and fleet support capabilities.

The Sulaco displaces 78,000 metric tons and measures 385 meters (1,263 feet, almost a quarter-mile) in length. In her role as a troop carrier, Sulaco carries two dropships and has sufficient life support capabilities for 90 crew and passengers. In an emergency, as many as 2,000 troops can be placed in hibernation in the main cargo hangars.

She is powered by a 3.6 terawatt fusion reactor using high density lithium hydride for fuel. Sublight propulsion is provided by four GF-2400 rocket motors using industrial carbon-diamond as reaction mass. FTL propulsion is provided by a hyperdrive tachyon shunt, with a maximum speed of 0.74 light years per sidereal day. The Sulaco's hull panels are constructed from radar absorbing material, which reduces the ship's radar cross section to low levels


Sulaco Stats



Naricussus - M2 - By DeadlyDa

A development of the Red Spot Salvage and Construction Wharf, the Narcissus is based on plans recovered from the wreckage of an Alien station. The Narcissus offers six turrets, with 8 lasers each, and is heavily shielded with a capacity of 9GJ. It offers 3 external docking ports; two for fighter craft, and one for TP/TS/M6 class vessels.


Naricusses Stats



X3 Ships


Terren Odin - M2 - By DeadlyDa

The Odin is a variant of the primary Earth Fleet Battlecruiser class, armed with advanced weaponry and fighter bays. It been extensively re-worked by the Argon, and is currently undergoing testing at a secret Argon Shipyard. It provides a docking capacity of 40 ships (40 internal, and 1 external for TP/TS/M6-class ships) and carries 40 lasers in 6 turrets. While it is quite slow and difficult to maneuver, it carries 12GJ of shielding to compensate.


Odin Stats



Terren Thor - M3 - By DeadlyDa

The Thor is a variant of the heavy fighter-class of the Earth Fleet Forces. Originally armed and equipped with highly advanced forms of technology, these have been replaced with weapon systems more readily available in the X3 universe.


Thor Stats



Terran Mjollnir - M4 - By DeadlyDa

The Mjollnir is a variant of the interceptor-class of the Earth Fleet Forces. Originally armed and equipped with highly advanced forms of technology, these have been replaced with weapon systems more readily available in the X3 universe.


Mjollnir Stats



Terran Valkyrie - M5 - By DeadlyDa

The Valkyrie is the reconnaissance-class of the Earth Fleet Forces. Originally armed and equipped with highly advanced forms of technology, these have been replaced with weapon systems more readily available in the X3 universe.





Terran Hulk - TL - By DeadlyDa

Originally a development project of the Terrans, the plans for the ship were eventually "found" by the Red Spot Salvage and Construction Wharf, and turned into a TL/M2 hybrid. It is one of the smaller TL class ships, but offers a significantly stronger hull, shielding, and weapons package. With its speed and maneuverability, this ship has become a favorite of the so-called "free traders" that roam the X3 galaxy.


Hulk Stats



Other Ships

Ranger - M6 - By DeadlyDa

he Argon took a radically different approach when creating the Ranger, and made it in the image of a small capital-class ship rather than a large fighter. The result is a very powerful and heavily-shielded M6-class ship, with reasonable speed and handling characteristics, and outstanding firepower. This powerful ship carries 8 front lasers and three double-laser turrets located port, starboard, and aft. It carries three 125MJ shields, and offers a single external docking slot.


Ranger Stats



Basilisk - TP - By DeadlyDa

A new and original TP class ship, it is clearly designed by the Split for use by smugglers and pirates. This heavily-armed TP class ship is produced and sold at special shipyards by all races.


Basilisk Stats



Cetus Mk2 - TL - By DeadlyDa

An ugly but very efficient TL-class ship. The Cetus Mk2 is significantly faster than the Mammoth, carries an additional 125MJ shield, and has greater hull strength. Although it has somewhat less cargo capacity than the mammoth, with it's speed and improved maneuverability, this ship is a favorite of the independent traders that frequent less well-traveled portions of the X-Universe. Originally a development project of the Teladi, the plans for this ship were eventually "acquired" by the Red Spot Salvage and Construction Wharf, and turned into a well-balanced TL class ship.


Cetus Stats



Grendel - M2 - By DeadlyDa

A development of the Red Spot Salvage and Construction Wharf, the Grendel offers six turrets, with 4 lasers each, and is heavily shielded with a capacity of 9GJ. It offers 3 external docking ports; two for fighter craft, and one for TP/TS/M6 class vessels.


Grendel Stats



Hunter - M5 - By DeadlyDa

Small, fast, and maneuverable with 4 front lasers. The Hunter is powerful and fast M5-class fighter, developed by the little-known Xenon Pirate faction. Due to the advanced technologies employed there are very limited quantities of the ships available, although they do show up sale at selected Boron shipyards from time to time.


Hunter Stats



Boron Koi - TP - By DeadlyDa

The Boron Koi was originally produced as an ultra-fast courier ship for highly perishable and extremely valuable bio-organisms, which include new strains of commercial plankton and Stott fermenters. These bio-organisms, created at Boron's network of secret Bioresearch facilities in the Core Systems located in deep space far from jump gates, need rapid transport to Boron agricultural fabs at speeds not possible with the aging Manta transporter. The competitively priced Perch amply fills this need, and is now by far the fastest commercial TP on the market. Carrying somewhat less cargo than the Manta Hauler, the Perch is lightly shielded, relying on her incredible speed to outrun most potential foes, but carries a single mass driver turret for missile defense and fending off light assailants. Best employed in fairly secure sectors, the Boron Koi is set to become the new galactic standard for high speed passenger and cargo transport.


Koi Stats



Acheron - TL - By DeadlyDa

Originally a capital ship development project of the Paranid, the plans for the Acheron (or "river of woe") were eventually stolen by the Red Spot Salvage and Construction Wharf, and turned into a TL/M1 hybrid. It is a modest sized TL class ship, but offers a very strong hull, shielding, and a good weapons package for a ship of it's capacity. It's speed and maneuverability is similar to that of the Argon Hulk, but with it's enhanced weapons capability (12 lasers), this ship has become a favorite of the so-called free traders that roam the X3 galaxy.


Acheron Stats



Darkship - M3 - By DeadlyDa

A custom medium fighter craft, built for the pirates by the Teladi. Little is known about the Darkship, other than it has 6 lasers mounted in three under-slung "gun pods", and carries a maximum of 3 5MJ shields.





Chukker - TP - By DeadlyDa

A recently developed alternative to the aging Toucan, the Chukker can carry significant cargo in addition to providing luxurious passenger accommodations. In response to the increased levels of piracy, the Teladi have increased the speed of this ship, strengthened the hull, as well as upgrading the weapon system to support a dual-laser rear turret.


Chukker Stats



Invicta - TS - By DeadlyDa

The Invicta (taken from Solenopsis Invicta, the Fire Ant) is a well armed TS class ship, with very strong shielding and hull material. It is somewhat slow, but an enhanced missile capability and the aft dual-laser turret makes it a real challenge to the casual Pirate or Marauder. Typically used by the Teladi in small to medium sized convoys, the Invicta is clearly superior to the older Vulture-class TS.





Electra Super Freighter - TS - By DeadlyDa

While based on the same hull design as the Cotton Tender, the new Argon Electra Superfreighter is a product of today's highly combat-oriented shipping market. With Kha'ak and Xenon raids on a steady increase, in addition to the constant losses inflicted on Argon shippers by the Yaki menace--the Electra is the answer. Essentially a light corvette class ship geared more towards haulage than combat, the Electra combines a roomy cargo bay with powerful shielding, extreme speed, a tough hull, and powerful defense--all in one unbeatable package. The Electra is the ideal ship--really the only ship--in today's hostile shipping climate, for ensuring that expensive, high technology cargoes make it to market unscathed. Fairly expensive for a TS class vessel, the Electra is worth every credit for the discriminating trader intent on living to a ripe old age.


Electra Stats



Boron Hydra MK2 - M6 - By Balogt

Hydra MK2

Hydra Stats



Batedora - M3 - By Balogt


Batedora Stats




EDD Thunder, Buck Rogers Starfighter - M4 - By Balogt

This fighter is a medium starfighter used by the Earth Defense Directorate to protect the Earth and all starships in service in with the Earth government. The fighter is very maneuverable and heavily armed. The fighter can launch and land under its own power but often uses electromagnetic launch systems to reach a greater initial velocity than would be otherwise possible.

The fighter is built around two needle like structures and could be described as being built in a twin boom construction. The body of the fighter could be described as a futuristic version of the old World War Two Lighting twin engine fighter. Both booms have two sharp noses and the fighter's twin engines are mounted with one on the rear of each of these boom structures. Between the two structures is the fighter's cockpit which contains a position for the pilot forward and behind the pilot is a second compartment for a passenger. The passenger compartment faces aft. The cockpit is rather blocky and has few rounded surfaces. The cockpit is mounted on an almost flat surface with stretched between the two boom structures. The fighter has delta style wings and two control surfaces facing downwards near the rear of the fighter.

The fighter is armed with eight laser cannons mounted near the front of the fighter and near where the booms extend from the rest of the body of the fighter. While the laser cannons are not that powerful individually, all eight firing together can inflict surprising damage. When the fighter is being used against starships, it can carry two anti-ship missiles mounted on the underbelly.

These fighters were originally fitted with a combat program designed to fight better than the pilots themselves. This program was found to be predictable and a large number of pilots were lost as a result. The program is no longer used by pilots and loss rates have decreased significantly.

This fighter does have some disadvantages when compared to starfighters from other universes. The ship uses ion engines which have a lower duration than the gravity based engines used in most Starships within the Three Galaxies. The Earth Directorate fighter also do not use missiles regularly and would likely suffer against any opponent who regularly uses missiles.

Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers Stats



Starbase - M1 - By Balogt


Starbase Stats



Torath Raider - M4 - By Balogt


Torath Stats



Phoneix One Fortress - M0 - By Observe


Fortress Stats