Cycrow's Scripting Guide


Enabling the Script Editor

Step by step guide to enabling the script editor in the game.


Creating your first script

Step by step guide to creating a script file ready to use.


Adding a Command - Money Cheat

Step by step guide to adding your first command, the example used is adding money to the players account.


Running your script

Learn how to run your scripts manually


Adding a Command with Multiple Varibles - Notority Cheat

Learn about multiple varibles win commands, how to select and edit them individually. The Example shows you how to increase your notoriety with a race.

Creating a Text File

Learn how yo create an external text file and load the text into the script editor.


Using a Command Slot

Learn about using command slots to add your scripts to the commands menu for ships and stations.


Conditional Statements

Learn how to create If Blocks, Else/If blocks, While Blocks and Skip If statements.


Using Script Arguments

Find out what the arguments at the top of the script are used for.


Creating Wares to Use

Learn how to create a new ware to use in scripts, details on using standard wares, EMP wares, and Plugin Manager Custom Wares.


Creating a Hotkey - Destruct Target

Learn hot to create a hotkey, the example explains the Destruct Target script. Also includes information on using global varibles and creating setup scripts.


Creating an AL Plugin

Learn how to create a basic AL Plugin to allow you to enable and disable scripts.


Using Message Arguments

Following on from creating a text file, this will teach you how to add varibles from scripts into your text


Creating Incomming Questions

Learn how to create an incomming question to give the player a selection to choose from, or create a menu system



List of Commands by Boron Ol Fh'art