Cycrows Scripts - Collection of my scripts available for download, all in SPK format

Egosoft Main Site - Egosofts main site, creators of the X Universe Games

Script Manager Forum Page - The main forum page for the Script Manager on the Egosoft forums

Ship Manager Forum Page- The main forum page for the Ship Manager on the Egosoft forums

Scripts & Mods - Main Scripts and Mods list on the Egosoft forums

X-Scripting - Home of the Firelance Mod

Bug Tracker - Scripts and Mods bug tracker site, by anticept

The X Universe - Home of the Xtended Mod

Xai Corporations: Research Station - Lots of scripts and mods for both X2 and X3

Xperiment Fusion Project - Home of the XFP mod for X3

Akeela's Beacon - X2/X3 site with Community content and scripts and mods

Anarkis Federation - Home of Serial Kicked, with lots of scripts and mods

X-Wiki Modding Information - Wiki devoted to help for Scripting and modding the X Games

X Development Center - X3 resource site with scripts and mods, developed by Tychouse

Tensins Ship Page - Alot of ships from various mods in XSP format for the Installer