Plugin Manager Help - Ship Creator - Data




Main Tab:

main tab

The main tab is the basic information about the package.



Update Tab:

update tab

The update tab holds the information for the auto updater for the Installer, like the web address to find the updates. The web update files (.dat) that are created should be put on the webserver in the same place as the XSP files for the auto update to work


Text Tab:

Text Tab

The text tab is where you have the ship name and description texts. This can be for any number of languages you wish.

Without any text, the ship you add will appear as ReadText17-####

To add/remove text, just right click in the list for the menu. Select the Add Language option to add a new one and fill in the details. To remove. highlight the text you want to remove, right click and goto remove.

When you have ship data loaded, you can also import text files from exiting xml/pck files, or from a cat files, and even from a selected Directory


Text Menu





Scenes Tab:

scene tab

The scenes are model files that make up the whole ship, these are the main files that are referenced in TShips. They basically join together all the different model files into a full ship. There is a scene for both the cockpit and the ship.

The first box for each is the filename thats from TShips, this is not changable. The second is the filename you wish you use from your drive. Click on the browse "..." button to select a file. When the package is created, the file will be renamed to match the entry in TShips. Clicking on the Red X will clear the filename.


Other Models Tab:

models tab

The Other models are for any other model files that arn't your scene files. These files are usually referenced in the scene files or in the dummies entries.

To add models, you need to right click in the list for the menu then goto add model. You will first have to select the file you want to add, then enter the save directory for it.

To remove the model, highlight the one you want to delete, right click and select Remove Model.

There is also options to switch a model with the scene file, what this will do is make the current model the scene, and move the scene file into the other models list.

You can also drag and drop files into the List, so you can open up windows explorer to the directory where you have the files, drag them over to the list and they will be added into the package.


Other Files Tab:

other files

The other files work the same way as the other models, with the exception that they can be any filetype, not just model files. These are mainly used to add textures for the ship into the package.


Dummies Tab:


The dummies are just text entries that will be added to the main Dummies.pck file. You can import entries directory from an existing file. Dummies is a string of data thats organised into sections. To add an entry you need to state which section its being added to.

Clicking on the Import Dummies file button will first ask for the file to import, this can be either a Dummies file, or a mod file (.cat)

Import Dummy

The dummies are listed in thier sections with the data they will add. To add any entries jsut check the boxes next to the data and they will be added. You can open and close each section to make it easy to find the entries.

To remove any entries, jsut highlight them in the list, right click and goto Delete.


Components Tab:


Components is simlar to Dummies, but the data is held in 2 sections rather than one. Theres the main section like with dummies, then the components name. Like the Dummies, you can also import the entries from mods or files.

Import Components


TCockpits Tab:


The cockpits are entries that are found in the TCockpits.pck file. To add these you need to import them from a file.

To add a Cockpit, click the Import TCockpits button and select either a cockpit file or mod file.

Import Cockpit

You can import multiple cockpit entries at a time, just select them from the list and they will be imported.

To remove any entries, just right click on the list and goto Remove.


Scripts Tab:


The scripts tab is for adding custom scripts to be included into your package. IE if you want to add a script that adds these shps to specific places. To add a script either right click and goto Add, or drag and drop the files into the list and they will be added.


Extras Tab:

Extras Tab

The Extras tab is to add a few extra details to the package


Raw Data Tab:

Raw Data

This is just a display of the current ships data, appears as a line from TShips, cant be edited directly.