Plugin Manager - Packager Help - Settings Dialog


The settings dialog is where you can configure al lthe options for the Packager.

To open the Settings, you will find the option in the settings menu.


Once selected, the dialog will open up




1. General Settings

Settings 1


2. Main FTP Sites:

Clicking the "View" button will open up the Main FTP Dialog.

Main FTP

This will list all of the main servers that have been added to the data file.



3. Default Settings


The default section is where you can enter defaults for the packager to use when you create a package. This saves you from typing them in each time



4. FTP Upload

FTP Upload

These are the default settings for FTP Uploading. If these are enabled, then the packages will automatically be uploaded to the FTP server ready for hosting.

The usename and password are required for the login to the FTP Server, the directory is where to place them when uploading, if left blank, will be uploaded to the root directory.

These settings will be overrided if using a packager script that contains FTP details.



Once finished, select the "Done" button and the settings will be saved. Selecting "Cancel" will close the dialog without saving any changed that u've made.