Plugin Manager - Installer Help - Configuration


To configure the program, goto the settings menu at the top then select Configure



This will open up the configuration dialog.

Config Dialog


In the configuration Dialog, there are various tabs with different settings, select each tab for the different settings.

The first option at the top is for the Language, select this your language and the text in the program will be changed to that language when you goto "Save".



1. Main Settings Tab



2. Display Tab

Config Display


Custom Display:

When selecting the Custom Display Option, you will be able to select each of the display options, this is not visible when you select either simple or advanced display.

Config Custom Display



3. Language Settings

Config Language

The language settings are for renaming of the text files to prevent the readtext errors in the game.


4. Ship Settings

Ship Config

The ship settings are specifically when isntalling new Ships into the game.


5. Profiles


These options are conencted directly to the Mod Profile System.


One you have set the desired options, then click on the "Save" button.

Clicking on "Cancel" will disregared any changes made.